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An essential function of a manager is to recruit successfully.  It is important to set recruitment goals so that you have an idea of the steps that need to be followed.  Many goals have similar objectives which means that you will need to work on them together at times.  Your function as a manager in recruiting new talent to your company is an important one.  Understanding each of those goals is a big step towards achieving them.  Here are the five “must do’s:

1.    Start with a Plan

A plan is the base of your goals because it sets out the steps needed for you to achieve your recruitment goals.  Your plan should include a timetable so that you can measure your success or make the necessary changes in order to reach your goals.   For example, if you have a goal of decreasing the employee turnover rate of new recruits, you could aim to lower that rate by about 1% each week.

You will need to determine the best way to reach the goals with your plan.  If you have a goal of reducing employee turnover, the best way to do that might be to spend extra time in the interview to verify that that person is a good fit for the position before their resume is passed on or they are hired for the job.

2.    Make a List of the Goals

One very useful way to accomplish goals is to have a list that you can see, whether it is a hard paper copy or a digital one.  This is a tool that can help you to visualize the steps that are needed so that you will be able to achieve each goal.  You can use your list to check off each step or goal as it is completed.

3.    Make Your Goal Achievable

When you set goals you must make them smaller so that you can achieve them.  It is important not to try and get everything done in a single day.  Once you know what the end goal is, you can start off slowly and gain momentum by improving bit by bit.  Smaller goals that are easier to reach are ones that you can set for each day, week and month which will help you to get to the end result.

4.    Measure Your Goals

You will need to keep track of each goal, the progress you are making toward that goal and the results that you are seeing.  The goals that you have must be measurable so that you can keep track of any improvements or declines.  You may wish to recruit up to 10% more candidates in a month and if that is the goal then you will want to try and reach it in the timeframe you have established.  Once a month has gone by, review any applications that you have received, with the desired result being that you have more relevant candidates.  Software designed to track applicants can be a useful tool for improving your efficiency when searching for candidates while keeping track of your progress.

5.    Review Your Goals

Once you have a plan in place and you are following it, it is important to see measurable results.  If you do not see those results, it might be time to take a look at the goals that you have set.  It may not always be possible to reach goals that you have set.  If the reason that you have not achieved your goal is out of your control, then try not to get discouraged.  Instead, review that goal and create a new one that is within your control.  There will always be times when you will exceed your objectives and times when you can’t achieve them.  You only fail when you stop trying to reach your goals.


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